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SELF-VALUE - The power that rests in you

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Confident appearance

Decide confidently

Increase self-esteem

This book introduces a new pattern of thought

by explaining the origin of self-worth from evolutionary history.

The book "SELBSTWERT - Die Macht Die In Dir Ruht" does not offer superficial tips and tricks, but should help to find the reasons why so many people tend to keep their own light under a bushel. The book challenges you to look at yourself from a new perspective.

Author Lea shock is a visual artist. She takes her psychological knowledge from her studies, from meeting strangers, from her circle of friends and acquaintances. As an artist, she is familiar with the behavior of personalities from all walks of life and cultures.

She found the inspiration for this book during the process of creating her series of paintings "The crowd", which consists of numerous individual works and which she is constantly expanding. (Title page of the book)

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Author: Lea Schock

Edition 1 - February 2019

Published by Ch'i SarL, Luxemburg


The SELF-VALUE - The power that rests in you destined to impress, and priced at only €9,99, for a limited time.

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